Thick Mints is a Discord community of friends and colleagues who refuse to let pandemics, job changes, and life keep them from staying in touch and sharing their interest in Cybersecurity. We use this blog as a diary for our community discussions where we share our ideas, lessons learned, and personal development in the field.

Blog Contributers

Nameless (@kxngcodes)




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Origin Story

The name “Thick Mints” itself is actually a running joke among members. One of us has a sweet tooth when it comes to girl scout cookies, enough to name their virtual meeting room after their favorite cookie. The rest of the team created their own mint themed rooms to be funny. Out of the many variations, “Thick Mints” stuck and has served as our virtual meeting place. A place that brings us together despite being miles away … or even just distanced six feet apart. From the “Thick Mints” room, a Discord server was born that encompassed even more friends and colleagues - and now a blog!